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Product description

From the latest Gundam series "Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury", the mobile suit Darilbalde, whose entire body is wrapped in red armor, joins the HG series!
■ By overlapping clear parts and seals, the brilliance of the shell unit is expressed.
■ Beam parts can be attached to the wrists by changing the ends of both arms from the elbows down.
■ The beam javelin can be separated at the center and used as a separate weapon. In addition, the effect parts on both ends can be attached and detached.
■ In addition to the large beam javelin and beam saber parts, various optional parts such as a display pedestal are included.

■ Beam javelin x 1
■ Beam saber parts x 2
■ Hand parts x 1
■ Joint parts x 1
■ Lead wires x 2
■ Seal x 1
■ Display base x 1
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