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Figure-rise Standard VEGETA (NEW SPEC Ver.)

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Product description

The second installment of the “NEW SPEC” series with the ultimate in range of motion and beauty! Vegeta (NEW SPEC Ver.) appears from "Dragon Ball Z"!
■ Muscle build system is powered up! Newly equipped with "Muscle Build System PLUS".
■ Thorough verification of human body structure. Pursuing the reality in every detail, from the bulges of the muscles to the tips of the fingers.
■ Evolved shoulder drawer structure improves range of motion. The parts hidden in the suit are also detailed to express the muscles.
■ Joint structure that does not make the gaps caused by movement noticeable. Even in bold poses, the body line remains unchanged.
■ Express coloring only by molding color. A colorful finish just by assembling it.
■ Clearance is provided in the range of motion of the chest, torso, and waist joints to achieve natural poses.
■ The characteristic folded arms can be recreated by replacing parts. Thoroughly pursue the ideal way to view it as a three-dimensional object.
■ You can express impressive scenes from the play with a wide variety of facial expressions, hand parts, and other accessories.
■ Display pedestal included.

■ Facial expression parts x 4 types
■ Arms folding parts x 1
■ Hand parts (left and right) x 5 types
■ Display pedestal x 1
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Figure-rise Standard VEGETA (NEW SPEC Ver.)