Marvelous Mecha-Musume Model Contest!

Marvelous Mecha-Musume Model Contest!

Marvelous Mecha-Musume Model Contest!

This contest is hosted by Flynn’s Arcade & More ( & prize support is sponsored by Uberscosplay and Got 2 Be Gundam Store (


1st place

  • 75$ Gift card for
  • $50 Gift card For Flynn's Arcade

2nd Place

  • 50$ Gift card for
  • 25$ Gift Card for Flynn's Arcade

3rd Place

  • 25$ Gift card for
  • 25$ Gift Card for Flynn's Arcade

Other additional prizes will be announced as the final date for the contest approaches.


What is Mecha Musume?

Mecha Musume resemble girls wearing armor inspired in its design by some kind of military hardware. Usually, the body is exposed with only the limbs encased in armor, though sometimes they wear more and sometimes less "protection". The design of the armor reflects the weapon system that they are a personification of.

How will this contest work?

The contest will be announced on social media and in person at South Florida Flight 19 I.M.P.S. Contest on Sunday, April 28th 2024 – All entrants will have to be present at Flynns Arcade in Margate June 9th 11AM-5PM for judging – announcement of the winners and prize distribution.


  • This contest will be open to all ages and skill groups.
  • Teams of 1 or more builders may work together in the form of Father/son, Mother/daughter, Husband/wife etc. but will only be eligible for a single prize.
  • This contest is to focus specifically on Mecha Musume Style Kits. This includes 30 Minute Sister, Alice Gear Aigis, MS General, Moderoid, Megami Device, Frame Arms Girls and any other ‘girl-in-armor’ style model kit
  • 3rd party kits are eligible for this contest.
  • A kit may include kit bashed, scratch built, or 3D printed elements but must use at least potions of a Mecha Musume style kit as the basis for the build. Final entries should contain at least 50% of parts from at least 1 Mecha Musume kit or a combination of kits totaling at minimum 50%.
  • All submissions must be made by the entrant the day of the event 6/9/24. No remote (online) or late entries will be allowed.
  • All entries must be submitted in person at Flynn's Arcade in Margate on 6/9 for the announcement of the winner.
  • No submission that has previously won an award at any modeling event is allowed. We want to see new work! No reruns please!
  • Show your work. Builders should be able to provide work-in-progress photos of the submission during judging. Having these photos will enhance the judge’s ability to accurately assess your work. Not having these photos may negatively affect the judge’s ability to accurately judge the quality of your work. During the building & creation process if you’d like to tag @flynnsgamingfl, or @g2bgundamstore on any of your social media posts that would be greatly appreciated.
  • Submissions should be appropriate for all audiences. Some lewdness is allowed but please do not have full frontal nudity on display in your kit. If you must ask if your entry is appropriate - it probably isn't! If you're unsure if your model is acceptable, please email to have the entry clarified.

Judging Criteria:

  • Entrants will be judged in 4 categories with each category receiving a score ranging from 1-10 for a maximum of 40 points.  Categories and descriptions are as follows.
  • Cleanliness - How clean is your build? Are seam lines and nubs hidden? Is your paint job free of debris and imperfections?
  • Concept - How well actualized is your original concept in this kit? What story does your kit tell? Does your model have a place in the story? What was your goal with this model and how well did you achieve it?
  • Customization- How well have you integrated custom elements into your kit Custom weapons, armor, and paint job and how well they align with your cleanliness and concept will be judged.
  • Presence - Is your model a showstopper. How is it presented? Does it have a stand or maybe it's in a diorama.

1st Place in the contest will go to the entrant with the highest total score – 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded to the next two entrants with the highest total scores.

Bennie L Albert II – Uberscosplay
Eduardo Acevedo – Flynn’s Arcade
Others TBD 

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