How to Finish 3d Printed Props.

How to Finish 3d Printed Props.

First check to see if you can glue parts together or if areas will be harder to sand after assembly. So sand any parts that will be harder to get to now with the 120 / 150 grit or the palm sander. Also check what parts will need to be painted separately and not just taped off. 

Now glue what parts you can together. At this point I like to sand with the palm sander or 120 / 150 grit over most of the prop.

Check to see if there are any large gaps or flex in the seam joints. If there are fill them with super glue, you can also use baking soda with the super glue if its a very large gap. If there are only minor seam lines and no flex just fill with the Spot Putty. On some curved surfaces the print can have a stepped effect this is a perfect place to use Spot Putty.

Sand down the glue with 150 and spot putty with 220. Now start using the filler primer and sanding with 220 I tend to do 2-3 coats of filler primer. Also make sure to use any spot putty if needed for imperfections that sanding and filler primer wont take care of. 

Sand the last coat of filler primer with 400 or a higher grit of your choice and its ready for painting.  

Supplies Needed

  • 120 / 150, 220, 400 grit sandpaper
  • Mouse / Palm Sander Optional 
  • Superglue + Accelerator or Epoxy 
  • Filler Primer
  • Bondo Glazing Putty or 3M Spot Putty 


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